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Episode 4 – They’re the Band of 14 Devils!!

After a substantial amount of review copies coming through the door and the pile finally becoming a little smaller, it is time to take a bit of time and relax with a bit with some D-Frag! which despite its rather basic visual style remains one of the more humorous shows of the season. Anyways, now that the competition between the real Game Creation Club and the fake Game Creation Club has ended, it is time to move on from the FuF festival but that doesn’t mean that Roka and the others aren’t going to be taking it easy anytime soon.

Now that the fake Game Creation Club has managed to retain its position, the group attempts to come up with a new name for the club and although Takao does her best to shoot down their ideas, in the end it doesn’t really matter since their lethargic teacher appears to let the group know that their club has always had an official name and much to Takao’s delight and Kazama’s sanity, that name is Game Creation Club (Provisional).

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After the hectic festival events over the past few episodes it has been easy to forget that Kazama is actually a delinquent and the head of his own group of gang members, albeit the weakest in the entire school. However this comes back to bite him when he and his fellow delinquents come across the “Band of 14 Devils,” one of the most feared groups in the academy that has fourteen members in total and absolutely adore playing video games at arcades.

Despite being a random sounding gang, they turn out to be quiet threatening and despite Kazama’s best efforts, he is beaten and taken prisoner by the rival gang. Ironically after finding one of the Provisional club’s odd board game’s in his bag, the group 14 Devils begin fighting amongst themselves with even the leader trying to turn to Kazama to be a member of his team before finally smashing the game to restore order. Despite Kazama’s best efforts, it all comes down to the girls of the Game Creation Club (Provisional) and Takao to come and save the day in hilarious butt kicking fashion.

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What could have been a major issue that might have taken a few episodes to clear up, D-Frag! manages to clear it up in one in its hilarious fashion. It is also worth noting that learning the truth behind Roka and her true name in the school is hilarious considering how out of place she seems to be in most situations. Though when she gets serious she definitely is a sight to behold.

It appears that Takao will now be playing a constant role in the series which is a good thing as she is easily one of the best characters that the show has to offer. While Kazama usually plays the straight man to the club’s odd nature, Takao provides a fresh take on things and also throws a whole new slew of jokes at the viewer, though most of them revolve around her large chest and the fact that she pretty much is at the whim of the Provisional club.

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Although there was no major plot progression outside of Roka’s true nature being revealed, it is interesting to see the obvious growing tension between Roka and Takao when it comes to Kazama. Although he remains fairly dense to the events taking place, Takao clearly has some type of feelings for him and is easily embarrassed by the things he says and does while Roka ends up taking her jealousy out on Kazama with her “Ultimate Attacks.”

It is nice to note that the ending animation was given a slight adjustment to include Takao at the table now, though it still is presented in chibi fashion. All in all, this episode gave us a a bit of character development by showing Kazama’s devotion to the club as well as the lengths they will go to for him and some really great humor at times. It appears that the next episode will be similar to this one, with little in the way of development but more of the random humor that makes D-Frag! a great comedy which comes at you from many different angles but lacks real direction.

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Currently D-Frag! is available for streaming in the United States by FUNimation. As for the rest of our winter impressions, you can check out our Anime Impressions page.

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