Conception II’s Narika and Serina introduced in latest trailers

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Over the last week or so Atlus USA has been releasing trailers showing off the game’s heroines and today the company has revealed two more of Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars’ main girls. The first girl that is introduced is Narika, the extremely shy class Vice President who has great ideas, but lacks the self-esteem to back them up. Despite her lack of confidence in school, in battle she has the strongest attack stat in the game and wields deadly earth magic.


The second girl happens to be a new favorite of mine in the form of Serina. Serina uses a strange weapon that is called a kick gun, shown as a wearable leg laser, and is the tsundere character. She has a complex about her small size and goes to incredible lengths to try and fix it. You can check out the girls in the videos below and be sure to keep an eye out for the game’s demo which is set to be released next week.



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