Prototype Space Dandy Figure Announced/Revealed At “WonFest 2014”

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"Making Figurines...the dandy way!"

“Making Figurines…the dandy way!”

If you’re a fan of Anime but not a fan of “Space Dandy” than I just don’t know what to say to you…clearly you’re not living the dandy way but I guess that’s fine for now, eventually we’ll all be living the dandy way! The series has been out for over a month at this point in time and with only five episodes in I don’t think anyone really expected for there to be any merchandise revealed or announced but as it turns out, us who thought that were entirely wrong.

The Winter Wonder Festival in Tokyo or “Winter WonFest” is on right now and it has revealed to us an upcoming Space Dandy figurine that, while not shown to be entirely complete, is still looking dandy as heck! The 1/8 scale “Dandy” by companies “MegaHouse” and “Aquamarine” has him in a pretty “chill” pose with what looks like a telescoping baton in hand or I guess it could be some cheap, Dandy-esque, lightsaber rip-off but for now I think we’ll stick with “telescoping baton”.

Although not shown at all, it was also announced that Dandy’s right-hand-bot will be getting its very own figure. Yes, “QT” will be getting some of the spotlight too and I’m sure it wont be too long until we’re looking at a Meow figure to complete the “trifecta”. Both “Dandy” and “QT” figures are set to be released within the year so expect to see more images soon. It’s always good to see some merchandise come from Watanabe projects and we hope to see more Space Dandy stuff in the future. See you, Space Dandy.

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