First of Conception II’s Star Children classes detailed


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Today Atlus USA has released a bit of a public service announcement to try and let future gamers know that they will need to be careful with their Star Children in Conception II. To do that they have detailed a few of the thirty available classes players will be able to choose from. Remember, the Star Children’s stats will depend on the heroine they come from and how strong the player’s bond in with said heroine.

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The Cleric should be an early staple of your party. They are key for keeping your party safe with their healing skills, and once they get some experience they can even help revive Star Children should they get knocked out.

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Magic Knight
The Magic Knight is a favorite in our offices for their well-roundedness. They have the brawn to be lethal attackers, skills that can exploit enemies’ magical weaknesses and enough defense to be hearty in battle.

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In addition to having the most baller hats in the game, they’re a strong party addition. Not only do they have a skill that attacks and robs an enemy of an item at the same time, but they can also help out in non-combat ways by picking locked treasure chests.

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The support role usually goes under-appreciated in RPGs, but the Minstrel is a good option for balancing magic that gives your party better stats while helping lock down enemies with crippling debuffs.

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The Swordis are one of the first classes you have access to in the game, and they’re the early game workhorses in the Labyrinth. They are well-balanced physical attackers and defenders, but make sure they’re paired up with someone who can dish out magical damage in order to create an effective team.

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Warlocks are absolute nukers against monsters with high physical defenses. They’re a strong magic option to bring into a team of children, but will be dependent on having a good counterbalance of physical attack and healing.

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