Cut the Rope: Triple Treat is Coming Exclusively on Nintendo 3DS

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Activision Publishing have announced that Cut the Rope: Triple Treat will be coming exclusively to Nintendo 3DS in early 2014. Following the huge success from ZeptoLab’s BAFTA Award-winning Cut the Rope mobile series, Cut the Rope: Triple Treat unites the original game and expansions; Cut the Rope: Experiments and Cut the Rope: Time Travel, in a new epic 3D experience.

The physics-based puzzle game invites players to manipulate a series of obstacles and utilise different mechanics (e.g. steam valves and portals), in order to ensure Om Nom receives the candy he desires.


Cut the Rope: Triple Treat is planned to feature:

  • 3 standalone adventures with over 650 levels
  • Touch-control interface with the Nintendo 3DS stylus
  • Online leaderboards and in-game achievements
  • Stereoscopic 3D visuals and cheerfully animated Om Nom Stories

Check out the official website here to explore the fascinating world of Cut the Rope and stay tuned with Capsule Computers for more news, regarding the release date for the upcoming title .

  • Dcj91x

    This is great.. I keep looking at the DSi and 3DS versions currently out and though I think ther look a lot better than the phone versions at $4.99 and $9.99 for the exact same amount of levels as the cheaper phone versions (though lacking the control and 3D) I fond them difficult to justify buying. However for a 3DS exclusive version that has 650 levels that pretty much includes 3 current games out and the 2 already on the 3DS.. if the lower the price of the other two and make this one $9.99 I’ll buy it right away!.. or even at $11.99 I may get it.

    • fair call considering you can get all the cut the ropes for less than $5 on ios ~MA

      • Dcj91x

        Thing is, I can play a game for hours on the 3DS.. same game on an iPhone or android.. I get tired of in a few minutes. So I would gladly pay a few more dollars to get more play time out of it. Also usually anything on a Nintendo device (especially the 3DS) is higher quality and has more overall content. Hopefull this new Cut the rope does not disappoint because I do want to get one.

        • i personally enjoy playng the game on the ios dont get bored of it, quality still looks and feels very nice on an apple ipad air. but i too enjoy playing games on the 3ds so it all comes down to what you feel comfortable playing on. ~MA

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