CC Powerslam #23 – Rumble Fumble Bang Bang

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Welcome to the 23rd episode of CC Powerslam, Capsule Computers Wrestling Podcast! In this star-blazing episode, we speak the Rumble, WWE‘s constant disappointments and make some bold predictions for Wrestlemania. Yes folks, it is quite a show – and one that might beat out Batista at this year’s mega main event.

Cast: Luke Halliday, Dustin Spencer and Travis Bruno

Music: ‘Powerslam My Heart’ – CC Powerslam Theme


Episode # 23: Rumble Fumble Bang Bang



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Topics discussed:

– The ups and downs of the Royal Rumble
– Daniel Bryan’s future
– CM Punk
– Wrestlemania
– Elimination Chamber Predictions
– Kofi Kingston does a spot
– Kevin Nash ruining everything…again.
– WWE gets a Network


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