Tesla Effect’s official website launches alongside environment screenshots

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tesla-effect-environment-screenshot- (13)

Today Atlus USA has announced that the official website for Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure has launched and with this brand new website comes a bunch of new information for the game as the website features character bios and even some great looking wallpapers.

Along with the launch of the website, Atlus USA and Big Finish Games have also released a number of screenshots for the game all taken from in-game which show off the environment that players will be seeing when Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure launches sometime early in 2014 for the PC on Steam and GOG.

As a big fan of anime and games I’ll be quick to cover anything that happens to be of interest.

  • ThomasMeadow

    This looks boring, I hope it fails.

    • looks interesting but will need to wait and see. you could be right ~MA

      • ThomasMeadow

        Man, it uses FPS software and it isn’t even a shooter. Seriously, imagine COD without guns or hostile NPCs. I’m seriously laughing now thinking about it. Best of all, the cinematics use real actors.

        • this is a big fish production with Atlus assisting so u shouldn’t expect too much. ~MA

          • ThomasMeadow

            Big Fish is what they call themselves, eh? At least this game lives up to expectations, it smells like rotted kunt so far.

  • U_Guyz_r_all_virginz

    is everyone here being ironic? or are you just all 14 years old, its a sequel to one of the best games of the era

    • The game looks great, we just have to wait and see how good this one is compared to the original ~MA

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