Subcontintent Unveiled in Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India

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Just as I was starting to think that Paradox Interactive was running out of things to add to the strategy game behemoth that is Crusader Kings II, a new expansion is announced which adds in an entire subcontinent to the game. The sixth expansion to the much beloved (especially by me) strategy game, will add the lands of Central Asia to the map as well as introducing new a ruler type (Rajas), along with new religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Hinduism). Our cover of the release of the previous expansion, Sons of Abraham, can be found here.

Considering the track record of Paradox when it comes to the amount of content in their expansions, Indian rulers will play in a manner completely different to their Western counterparts, as one would expect for a culture which would had developed largely independent of contact with Christendom (at the time period). The different religions are hinted to each have a different effect in gameplay with new events for each of the new major religions. These include meeting with yogis and sadhus, celebrating Diwali, meditating under bodhi trees, and many more new unique cultural events. The new expansion will be available through online distribution in Spring of this year (hurray!). No doubt these new Rajas will stand proud beside the Kings of Europe, the Caliphs of Middle East, and the Mongol Khans (as well as the Aztec Emperor, whose one goal in life appears to be wrecking all my carefully crafted plans… CURSE YOU MONTEZUMA!).

In the meanwhile, you can check out the new map in the trailer below.

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