Platformer Rain World Launches Kickstarter Campaign

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Two game developers James and Joar have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their upcoming survival platformer Rain World. Players will control a slugcat attempting to survive in a harsh land batted by deadly rains. The slugcat must gather enough food while the weather is fair in order to hibernate through the next rain cycle. Players will need to hunt smaller creatures while avoiding deadly predators looking to also stock on up on much needed calories.


The team has raised half of their required funds in 24 hours of launching their campaign. They are seeking at least $25,000 to hire a coder, add new art assets, improve AI, create a single player campaign, port the game to platforms beyond Mac/Windows, and put the game through proper testing for quality control purposes. All funds beyond the requested amount will help James and Joar increase the size of Rain World. The pair hope to release the game this fall. Check out the game on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight.

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