Dekamori Senran Kagura will be huge in more than one way

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As you may know, a digital only cooking rhythm spin-off game for Senran Kagura has been announced by the name of Dekamori Senran Kagura. Well considering the game will be available in three separate purchase packs, gamers were already expecting a fairly hefty download size but it seems that this dish is going to take up quite a lot of room.

Producer Kenichiro Takaki shared over Twitter that Dekamori Senran Kagura will take up 3GB to 4GB of space when it is released for the PS Vita. This is the size of both packs of the game downloaded at once so if players choose to only download Pack A or Pack B the size might be a bit smaller. Currently Dekamori Senran Kagura is set to be released in Japan on March 20th and at the moment no plans for a Western release has been mentioned.

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  • Whether or not its localized will depend on if Marvelous AQL localizes shinovi versus.

  • I’m still gonna’ get a physical copy if it ever does localize. I don’t like downloads because I prefer the idea of having a box, for nostalgia and possessive sense~ 😀

    • I know how you feel and honestly just knowing that a Physical copy is being made somewhere makes me feel like holding out. Hopefully there smart enough to release a limited eddtion to help appease the early adopters, otherwise you may have some people hold out. Coming out around the same time Hatsune Miku comes out (popular game in your genre), is going to hurt there sales, especially considering Sega is offering a retail copy of theres.

      • Limited edition one would be cool…especially if it came with one of the expensive figures, if you’ve seen. >_< There's going to be a Hatsune Miku game? I thought it was just music~

        • Technically it is a computer program but yeah Hatsune Miku has always been the mascot charachter for the games and promotional purposes. The first game came out digitally for PS3 and PS VITA in the west, however the sequel will be coming to both platforms in retail form.

          • What kind of game is it? I’m assuming it’s a music-based one. Sort of like SK Bon Appetit, in that sense~

          • Yes it is a rythm game!

          • Well! Let the dancing begin~ 😀

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