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Destiny Badge-MOST ANTICIPATEDIf you know video games then there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of Bungie. Since Halo took the Xbox by storm, the company has continued to make a name for itself. Now comes the next step. One of the most highly anticipated games of 2014: Destiny.

With more acronyms than you know what to do with, this ARPG FPS semi-MMO is a self proclaimed game changer and the first “Shared World Shooter”. With the promise of a world that is “alive” players are set to enjoy a unique experience. Certain in game events may occur without prior planning by the developer, which is cool…and just a little bit scary. You will, unlike a traditional MMO, only encounter players the game itself has matched them with, again for the sake of uniqueness. Set in a new game engine, the world itself is also set to be a beautiful landscape to the unprecedented chaos that arises when gamers meet. All of which can be seen in the trailers released thus far which have whipped prospective players into a hype frenzy.

The game’s story, though rather vague at the moment, is also garnering attention for the upcoming title. Set just a little ways onward, 700 years in future if you want to get precise, the entire Solar System experienced a minor apocalyptic situation that saw the dissolution of established colonies across the reaches of space…nothing to major. Players join this story as on of the Guardians, the defenders of Earth’s last city. In typical not-a-true-MMO fashion, players will be able to choose and customise their own class and race. Choose to play as an Awoken, Exo or plain ol’ Human folk. Do you want to be a Hunter? A Titan? Maybe a Warlock? Well, you’ve got some time to think before the game launches in September. So get amped, ponder just how you will play in this living universe and join the masses who are already clamouring for this sure to be hit title. Destiny awaits. – Kane Bugeja


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