Warriors unite: ‘East-meets-West’ action RPG Conquest Age launches on iOS

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Warriors unite: ‘East-meets-West’ action RPG Conquest Age launches on iOS

Cooperation is key as players team up in this world-spanning free-to-play action RPG


LONDON: December 5, 2013: Marvelous Games, a division of Japanese publisher MarvelousAQL, best known for the highly-acclaimed titles No More Heroes, Harvest Moon and RunBot, has today launched Conquest Age, a fantasy action RPG available on the iTunes AppStore.

Conquest Age, developed by Singapore studio Daylight Studios, immerses players in the seven world-spanning regions of the Dracon Peninsula. Players are tasked with uniting this divided land to face the imminent threat of invasion from across the ocean by the land’s ancient rulers, bent on revenge.

Players will have the option of both single player and multiplayer modes throughout each play session, as they can team up in cooperative war conquests, or hire bands of mercenaries and fight alone for supremacy in the arena.  Exploration, weapon collecting and fusion is a key part of Conquest Age as well – even the most common of items can be fused with another weapon to further strengthen it to unlimited levels.

Conquest Age lets players choose to become one of three warrior classes, each featuring their own skill trees for players to develop and shape. These choices will have deep implications on tactics in battle situations. Although it is possible to fight with any weapon, Conquest Age rewards players who best complement their weapon choices with their character build, and use them strategically in the real-time battle system. Battle effectiveness is immediately evident, as each player is ranked on a global leaderboard or against their Facebook friends.

With hundreds of hours of addictive quests, high quality fantasy artwork and a fusion of East-meets-West gameplay, Conquest Age is designed to appeal to both existing RPG fans while being accessible for newcomers.

“Conquest Age is a game we have put our all into; we worked tirelessly to create a game that we could be proud of,” says Don Sim, CEO at Daylight Studios. “It has been a long process of refinement and improvements to make the game as good and rewarding as it can possibly be for players. We are very excited to finally be unleashing our game to the world!”

“As a long-standing fan of RPG games, I was hooked into the world of Conquest Age from the first time I played the game,” adds Jonathan Nevill, Project Manager, MarvelousAQL Europe. “It’s been a pleasure working with Daylight Studios to realise our shared vision – combining the best of Asian and Western gaming to deliver an RPG suited to a global audience.”

Conquest Age is available now, Free to play on iOS – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/conquest-age/id609524542?ls=1&mt=8

About Marvelous Games:

Marvelous Games is the digital brand of MAQL Europe, a subsidiary of MarvelousAQL, Inc. of Japan – which is the result of the 2011 merger between Japanese publishers Marvelous Entertainment, AQ Interactive, and mobile/social developer Liveware.

Known for acclaimed console games like No More Heroes and Harvest Moon, MarvelousAQL has also enjoyed critical and commercial success in Japan with social and mobile games like Logres of Swords and Sorcery and Three Kingdoms.

Marvelous Games partners with mobile and social game developers around the world, including recent iOS titles such as Eyes Attack and the multi-million download hit RunBot, providing expert help with development funding, user acquisition, monetization, PR and marketing for their games.

About Daylight Studios:

Daylight Studios is a premier developer of mobile games based in Singapore. After launching its first game in 2011, the company quickly became one of the most popular mobile game developers in South East Asia.

Developer of Reign of Heroes, Reign of Heroes Turbo and Hisho Collection Mall Empire, Daylight Studios has won the hearts of over 2 million players in the SEA region. In Dec 2011, the team released Reign of Heroes as their debut title and it became the top game on the mig33 platform within 13 days from launch.

Since then the 20 man team has been hard at work developing their new series of high quality smartphone games for the past 14 months. Conquest Age is a fine example of the exciting games they will be releasing in the upcoming months.

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