Uprising 1.7 Patch Brings New Content to DUST 514

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Free to play shooter DUST 514 received a major content update today. The PlayStation 3 title has new weapons like the semi automatic Minmatar Combat Rifle and the hard hitting automatic Caldari Rail Rifle. Vehicles have been tweaked to improve handling and fitting. Additionally, the games visuals have been updated to include active volcanoes and choked skies. Factional Warfare has been revamped to increase the importance of cooperation between EVE Online and DUST 514 players. Soldiers on the ground will now rely on EVE capsuleers for the all important Orbital Strike. Those completing factional contracts will now receive loyalty points that can be redeemed for faction exclusive weapons. Friendly fire has now been enabled in game.

DUST 514 is a free to play shooter for the PlayStation 3. The game is integrated with the ever changing world of EVE Online.

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