Two New Items Added To The Australian Nintendo Store

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– The Year Of Luigi Coin –

It’s almost Christmas and before Nintendo joins the rest of the industry in “shutting up shop” for the holiday season they are bringing us another little piece of news to get all you Nintendo fans out there that extra little bit more excited for your holiday breaks. They have decided to release two special items before the year is up and I have to say that these two are actually pretty cool and would make excellent additions to any fanatics’ collection. Move aside Mario because the first of the two is a special little item titled the “Year Of Luigi Coin”; It really has been a big year for our favourite plumber’s green-clad brother, he’s almost gotten as much attention as the big man himself and this coin has been made to perfectly represent his big year. It’s a gold-coloured, commemorative coin that not only has a pretty spiffy design but it also comes with its own soft carry case so it can always be kept safe and dust free.


– Nintendo Hanafuda Cards –

The second of the two releases is a very interesting one but all-in-all a very suiting one for the company and the series’ that it has spawned. The “Nintendo Hanafuda Cards” is just another perfect example of a great collectors item for Nintendo fans, each card beautifully represents characters from many of Nintendo’s series’ and it works on an almost symbolic level considering Nintendo started out as a Hanafuda Cards manufacturer all the way back in 1889. Both of these items are incredible and will work as perfect gifts for gamers as well as, as I’ve already mentioned, fantastic collectable items. They’re both available now and you can purchase them by heading to the Official Club Nintendo Stars Catalogue or by clicking here to go straight to the Nintendo Club main page. May all of you have happy holidays and a fantastic start to the new year!

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