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Board The Yacht To Adventure In The Upcoming Social Dramagame

Helsinki, Finland – December 19, 2013 – Finnish game developer Tribe Studios Ltd. announced today new details for its upcoming contemporary, social role-playing game, Velvet Sundown.  Velvet Sundown represents a bold new genre introduction for the global gaming community.  The innovative new game will feature integrated Text-To-Speech technology from Acapela Group. Velvet Sundown sails into closed beta testing early 2014.  Players can register now at

By incorporating Text-To-Speech technology in Velvet Sundown, players will not only be able to type what their characters say, but they will be able to hear them speak! Acapela’s state-of the-art speech solutions offer the utmost in quality and technology giving the characters real natural voices. Every character in the game will have its very own voice tone!

“We are very excited to incorporate Acapela Group high-quality Text-To-Speech technology into Velvet Sundown,” said Elina Arponen, CEO of Tribe Studios. “This will have a very powerful effect on gameplay and will add to the overall user experience of this highly social new game.”

“Text to speech turns any written information in speech in real time and naturally adds the vocal dimension to a game. Games are a natural deployment playground for us and we are very happy to perform the voices of Tribe Studios new innovative game and contribute to provide players with a talkative experience.’ says Lars-Erik Larsson, CEO of Acapela Group.

Velvet Sundown is an innovative new game for Windows PC and Mac OS X that gives players a unique mix of social engagements and serious role-playing elements. Players take on the role of one of at least four randomly selected characters who find themselves as passengers on board a luxury yacht. Each character has their own unique background stories and missions that players must strive to fulfill. Velvet Sundown will feature Tribe Studios’ patent pending Dramagame technology where no two games unfold the same way, and new stories and dramas can be implemented in the game with ease. The story contains tens of millions of different outcome variations, giving the game previously undreamt of depth and replay value. A single Velvet Sundown multi-player game session unfolds in the length of a typical TV show, about 45 minutes, in which players can immerse themselves into their characters.

About Tribe Studios

Based in Helsinki, the heart of Europe’s most progressive educational and game development communities, Tribe Studios Ltd. is the creator of Dramagame social simulation and virtual world technology. Dramagame is a state-of-the-art social simulation technology designed for non-linear storytelling and used for both entertainment and training soft skill competencies.

About Acapela Group

Acapela Group is a Voice expert that invents speech solutions to vocalize content with authentic and original voices that express meaning and intent. Over 100 synthetic voices in 30 languages are ready to give a voice to any content producing a natural and pleasant audio result, by turning written input into speech.

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