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Animal Jam extends the fun onto iOS and Android devices with this entertaining and educational app!

SALT LAKE CITY (Dec 11, 2013) Smart Bomb Interactive announces the global launch of their new pick-up-and-play app, Animal Jam: Jump, a 3-D companion to their wildly popular online game National Geographic Animal Jam®. In this fast-paced game featuring the rambunctious kangaroo from Jamaa, players can hop from the Jamaa Outback through the atmosphere and into space—unlocking cool new accessories, earning gems, and defeating pesky phantoms along the way.

Kids can safely and anonymously connect Animal Jam: Jump directly to their online Animal Jam accounts, enabling them to unlock exclusive content in the web game, earn gems to spend in both games, and challenge their Animal Jam friends to beat their scores on the AJ: Jump leaderboards.

Available now for iOS and Android, AJ: Jump is free from in-app purchasing, so parents can rest assured that their children will not be pressured to continuously spend money in order to enjoy the game. Players can customize their kangaroo characters using over 140,000 possible color combinations, along with clothing, power ups, and accessories. Utilizing their devices’ motion controls, players will then guide their kangaroo up steep cliffs, through layers of clouds, and ultimately into outer space!

As in the Animal Jam online world, children will learn about real animals while playing with their virtual counterparts. Focusing on its kangaroo stars, AJ: Jump incorporates an Animal Jam Academy dossier about these fascinating marsupials that includes facts, photos, and videos for kids to explore.

Perhaps most exciting for veteran Animal Jam players is the new kangaroo joey pet that is being introduced through the AJ: Jump mobile game.  This new Animal Jam pet can only be unlocked by downloading AJ: Jump and connecting the game to an Animal Jam account.

“Animal Jam offers parents and kids a totally unique value proposition: an always-on online party that’s safe, really fun, and genuinely educational.” said Clark Stacey, CEO of Smart Bomb Interactive, the company behind both Animal Jam and Animal Jam: Jump “As we start to expand that world onto mobile devices, we hope that parents come to recognize the Animal Jam brand as synonymous with production values so high, they’ll want to play these games too.  In fact, we’re counting on it—we know a lot of Jammers are going to ask their parents to put AJ: Jump on their own phones, so they can earn their kids gems for their Animal Jam accounts.”

AJ: Jump is available now throughout the world in English only, but Smart Bomb plans to make the game available in multiple languages in the near future. They will also be adding more multimedia educational content to the app in the coming months, along with additional gameplay power ups and kangaroo customization items.  Fans can learn more by visiting

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