Senran Kagura teaser site reveals a live stream date

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Marvelous AQL has launched a new Senran Kagura teaser site which has revealed that the company will be hosting a live stream on Nico Nico on January 8th at 13:30 Japan time. This live stream is being held so the company can announce some new developments for the series in the year 2014, meaning we may hear a 3DS or Vita announcement.

Marvelous AQL president Shuichi Kyoda and the series producer, a man to be admired, Kenichiro Takaki, will be hosting the event with a number of guests joining them throughout the stream. The teaser website can be viewed here and if you happen to scroll the page or click the image in a few certain spots, you’ll notice a little easter egg.

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  • Yes yes yes this has to be the announcement of the second season for the anime, and if that’s the case it means the franchise is doing well. With the announcement of the first season localization this past week we could very well see a localization for Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus for the VITA!

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