Pokemon X and Y The Movie: Cocoon Of Destruction Announced For 2014

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Here we have it, people! The Pokemon X and Y Anime has been running wild with fans all of the world absolutely loving the way the series is both animated and the way it seems to be panning out in general so it’s no mystery that a Pokemon X and Y movie has already been announced.

So far no actual information regarding the story of the movie has been released but what we do know is the name of the film will be “Cocoon Of Destruction” which, if you ask me, sounds down right fierce! The picture you see to your right is a scan from the CoroCoro magazine regarding the new movie, as you can see a fair few of the Mega Evolutions from the new generation are shown and that leads us to believe that they may have a place in the new movie alongside the legendaries that were shown in the trailer.

Speaking of which, you can actually see the short trailer in our Featured Video Section below so head down to have a look at what’s beginning to seem like the start of something Poke-awesome! This will be the 17th movie and is to be released on July the 19th of next year (2014) which should be followed by an English release that wont be too far behind.

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