Next-gen power of Sniper Elite 3 revealed in second trailer – ‘Tobruk’

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Next-gen power of Sniper Elite 3 revealed in second trailer – ‘Tobruk’

Rebellion and today released new assets for 2014 PC and console title, Sniper Elite 3.

The trailer can be viewed here:



Set three years before the events of the award-winning Sniper Elite V2, the trailer highlights not only the game’s unique and compelling World War II location, but gives subtle hints at the stunning next-gen technology behind the visual and gameplay experiences in this ambitious cross-platform title.

Following OSS agent and elite sniper Karl Fairburne amidst the terrifying bombardment of the ancient city of Tobruk in Libya, the trailer introduces viewers to a crucial snapshot of the wider conflict in which Sniper Elite 3 immerses its players.

Long before the blood-soaked beaches of Normandy, it was in the unforgiving terrain of the Western Desert in North Africa that the Allies fought and died together – America’s very FIRST taste of armed conflict with Axis powers.

Shot entirely in Rebellion’s powerful and versatile Asura game engine, the trailer also demonstrates key developments to the franchise made possible by the power of today’s consoles and hi-spec PCs.

From the huge vistas and breathtaking level design, right down to the minute focus of the overhauled X-ray ‘kill camera’ detailing muscle layers and circulatory systems, the trailer showcases advanced graphical features such as volumetric lighting, cinematic full-screen effects and real-time tessellation.

The new assets also illustrate how such technology powers the significant enhancements made to the series’ trademark gameplay, challenging stealth action and rewarding bullet physics.

From the scalable battlefields powered by instancing technology and packed with multiple routes and advanced AI, to the broad range of terrain, and realistic HDR lighting that empowers players to use the shadows to approach each deadly shot exactly as they see fit, this trailer gives an exciting glimpse of Sniper Elite 3’s focus on tactical choice, blended with thrilling moment-to-moment decision making and gun-play.

Sniper Elite 3 launches in 2014 on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.

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Rebellion® is the studio behind worldwide number one hit games such as Sniper Elite V2 and Aliens vs. Predator. One of Europe’s leading independent video games developers and comic book publishers, Rebellion is privately owned company based in Oxford, United Kingdom, and prides itself on its unique and innovative approach to IP development and stewardship. It has been responsible for a diverse portfolio of publisher-owned and internally developed IPs, including Star Wars BattleFront, Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death, The Simpsons Game and Sniper Elite.

Rebellion’s publishing portfolio includes multi award-winning British science fiction comic 2000 AD, the 2000 AD Graphic Novel line, the internationally-acclaimed fantasy, science fiction and horror imprint Solaris Books, and shared-world pulp imprint Abaddon Books.

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