‘Machete Kills’ His Way Onto Home Media on March 12

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Icon Home Entertainment will be releasing Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital formats, nation-wide, on March 12. “Trained to kill. Left for dead. Back for more.” Machete (Danny Trejo) returns for more grindhouse action and gore.

As the director himself states, “Machete Kills is the movie that shows Machete is truly a super hero.” He is now on the right side of the law, and after losing his partner in a sting operation gone wrong, is contacted by the President of the United States. He has a proposition – a mission that would otherwise be deemed impossible for any other man. FilmInk called the film “pure, unadulterated fun.” The movie also stars Michelle Rodriguez (Fast & Furious 6,  Avatar) and Jessica Alba (Sin City) reprising their roles from the first, along with Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Sofia Vergara, Amber Heard, Vanessa Hudgens, Antonio Banderas and Lady Gaga as La Chameleon.


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