Time for some disciplinary action

Kill la Kill
Episode 9: A Once in a Lifetime Chance

Last week in Kill la Kill we delved into the past of one Ira Gamagoori, the  giant of the School Council. We learnt how he met the all powerful Satsuki and how that moment began a course that would lead him to be a twenty year old highschool student. Because why not. We also learnt that our Scissor Blade Meister had a pretty rough upbringing, though not quite as rough as those she fought. Now it’s time for these two to clash in the Sudden Death Runoff Election, to cement their place in the eyes of the President, be it as a loyal servant or sworn enemy. Let the battle begin…

…later. When you’re fighting the head of the Disciplinary Committee, you’d better follow the rules. So with a few hours before her scheduled fight can begin, Ryuko and Mako escape the crowds and enjoy a boxed lunch. Mikisugi decides to drop by and, after rendering Mako frozen, tells Ryuko to forfeit, fearing the power of the Elite Four and the rapid succession of fights should she win. Naturally she declines, stating that she will ring the truth out of Satsuki with her own two hands.


Always a source of joy in these troubling times

Back in the ring, Ryuko faces off her first opponent…and not much else. With the power to absorb and reflect damage, Ryuko decides its best to simply not hit Gamagoori at all. Unfortunately he is prepared for such an occurrence and proceeds to whip himself..a lot. If no one will discpline him, he will do it himself…yeah, once again Gamagoori is very vocal about punishment and he is not against it at all. Anway, imbued with his own power Gamagoori unleashes a multitude of whips and smacks Ryuko around the ring. With full blown combat taking place before her, Satsuki notes to herself the resolve of Gamagoori which instigates…

Flashback time. On the day of his graduation from highschool, Gamagoori stood before Satsuki once more, vowing to prevent her from ruling the school by force. Knowing that he could not defeat her, he said that he would not lose either. If she was so intent on making everyone kneel before her, he would be their shield. He would take all of her attacks and would never kneel, to show her the resolve of those who will not be subjugated. Despite the steel armour he donned, Gamagoori is bombarded by attacks from Satsuki’s sword, eventuating in the shattering of said armour. Though Gamagoori falls in battle, he stays true to his word, using the sheath he grabbed from Satsuki’s sword to remain standing, even whilst unconscious. Having seen the true power of his resolve, Satsuki invites Gamagoori to become her shield and join her in two years time when she creates her own highschool.


One who stands above giants

Skip back to the present and Ryuko’s fight with Gamagoori continues to escalate. Amidst the frenzy of thorned whips, Gamagoori explains his own beliefs and motivations to Ryuko, whilst also belittling her “flimsy” motivation of searching for her father’s killer. He states that as a shield, he withstands pain so that others will not have to, in the hopes that they will view him as an example and change their ways of their own accord. But when students do not comply, he lashes out and deals out punishment despite his own objections to it. A very complicated man this Gamagoori is, definitely more so than the original impression of big, scary anime student guy…though he is definitely still that. At Ryuko’s complete and utter defiance of his “Whips of Love” Gamagoori releases the true terror of his Scourge Regalia in the hopes of molding Ryuko into a model student. Literally. There’s an actual mold. While this ability appears rather abruptly, it does explain the identical masses that populate a majority of Hannouji Academy. Though those who accept the laws of the school without question may gain the power of the One Star uniform, they never reach beyond subservience and remain in the background.

Though Gamagoori gains the upper hand and appears to have captured Ryuko, some quick thinking by Senketsu saves our hero from the vice grip mold and places her right inside the Shackle Regalia…so not the greatest escape ever. However, Senketsu reveals a new ablity, a second transformation known as Senketsu Senjin. Laced with blades, Ryuko herself becomes a weapon and manages to defeat the Disciplinary Head, netting three more Life Fibres in the process.


Every guy’s crazy ’bout this sharp dressed girl

So a pretty Gamagoori heavy episode this week, what with the flashback and all, which provided us a little more insight into the giant. We also received yet another example of how Satsuki not only dominates those who stand before her, but also respects resolve enough to aid some people despite her abject hatred of humanity. She even goes as far as to descend from her lofty tower and prevent Gamagoori from ending his life in his attempt to mete his shame. One would almost think that the President cares. With one contestant down, it’s now time for Ryuko to face the enigmatic Houka Inumuta. Time for Round Two.

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