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Kill la Kill
Episode 10: I Want to Know More About You

Last week we witnessed the defeat of that stalwart defender of Satsuki, the large, but no longer in charge, Ira Gamagoori. But that’s in the recent past now, no time for dwelling because now Round Two is upon us. Next in line and stepping up for his title defence is that data loving tactician from parts unknown, the hacker won’t back down…often, the mysterious and masterful Houka Inumuta. (This is the part where the crowd is supposed to cheer)

Bam! Flashback straight off the bat. Way back when in the land of five years ago, a younger Inumuta though it would be a good idea to hack into a company owned by the Kiryuin Conglomerate and “alter” some stock information. Short story shorter, it was not a good idea. However, rather than have her legion of gun wielding guards teach Inumuta a lesson or hundred, she instead offered him a place in Hannouji Academy. Somewhat impressed by his ability to alter the virtual system, she finds it limited of him that he stops there. If you’re going that far online, why not just change the whole world?


Stuck between a rock and a hard case

Transforming into the Probe Regalia, Inumuta begins his fight against Ryuko by scanning her body, noting that her heart rate is still elevated from her fight with Gamagoori. As Ryuko attack, we see that the Probe Regalia allows Inumuta to predict how an opponent will move, allowing him to dodge Ryuko’s first strike…but not her second. This surprises Inumuta, already taken aback at how strong Ryuko is, surpassing his initial estimations. Ryuko, is actually rather anime savvy throughout the battle, noting how when fighting someone who analyses tactics, it’s best to be reckless and unpredictable. As Ryuko speeds around the arena to strike from an unexpected angle, Inumuta reveals his Regalia’s other ability: Optical Camouflage. Whilst concealed from site, he notes how simply dodging is often the best strategy and counter attacks can deal a very powerful psychological impact onto an opponent, a fact he wishes to demonstrate to Ryuko. Unfortunately for him, Ryuko doesn’t like that idea and decides to bump up her recklessness, inducing a new change in Senketsu. Deciding that if she can’t see Inumuta in the arena, she’ll just attack everywhere at once. Senketsu’s eye grows to gigantic proportions and simply crushes the entirety of the ring and Inumuta along with it. Rattled by the counter attack, as he previously noted would happen, his camouflage fails and his Regalia is left literally unable to compute Ryuko’s power. However, just as Sen-i-Soshitsu is about to land, Inumuta forfeits the match, valuing the data stored in his uniform above victory.

Number three! Entering to the tune of “Under the Double Eagle” is the small girl from the big band: Nonon Jakuzure. Promising to defeat Ryuko in a one sided battle, Jakuzure activates her “uniform” Symphony Regalia Grave, a titanic tank/sound system capable of concussive sonic blast, literal piercing notes and overall musical obliteration. With “Light Cavalry Overture” as her opening theme, Jakuzure launches her barrage of sounds upon Ryuko and, after Ryuko manages to survive, takes flight with Symphony Regalia Presto. For the first time we learn that Jakazure longs to stand beside Satsuki, rather than behind or under like many of the other students. This stands both metaphorically and literally as it is only her Regalia that allows her to ascend to the same height as Satsuki’s tower, whilst everyone else stands below.


The cutest Evil Overlord you ever did see

It is revealed that back when they were just cute little kindergarteners, Jakuzure and Satsuki were friends. With a number of boys following her every whim, Jakuzure believed that she was powerful…you know, in the world of kindergarten. However, wise well beyond her years, Satsuki refutes this. Though Jakuzure is proud of the large sandcastle the boys built for her, Satsuki reveals a handful of sand, the remnants of the materials used to build her skyscraper. Though all physical materials eventually age and even skyscrapers crumble, Satsuki notes that one built within your mind will never fall. Similar to each of her interactions with the other future Elite Four, Satsuki relays her ideals from up on high, expressing her authority. However, unlike the others, Jakazure does not stay down. Rather she climbs up to Satsuki and knocks the sand from her grasp, vowing to forever hold her hand. So basically the cute little band girl is the first person to truly stand up to Satsuki and not simply bow to her magnificence. Pretty damn brave.

As the end draws near and the “William Tell Overture Finale” blares from up on high, the ground is starting to fall from beneath Ryuko feet…literally. Plummeting towards loss, Ryuko implores Senkestsu to try something incredibly reckless. When the dust clears, Ryuko emerges in yet another form, one designed to take the battle to the sky and bring down Jakuzure: Senketsu Shippu. Lets just say that Jakuzure is not too happy with this development. With the cutesy facade beginning to slip, Ryuko is in for quite a fight from the enraged band girl.


Just Ryuko’s natural fight and flight response

So this week in Kill la Kill we saw the rather quick fall of Inumuta along with a quick snippet of his past as a rogue hacker. We saw that even in kindergarten Satsuki was a stoic, driven person and that Jakazure has known her far longer than anyone else. Towards the end of the episode, Mikisugi makes it known that he is worried by just how fast Senketsu is evolving, calling up Tsumugu who prepares for the worst case scenario. Things are starting to look dangerous for Ryuko and Senketsu, with opponents and now the danger of their own power looming over them, how will our duo fare? Guess we’ll just have to keep watching. But regardless of how dangerous times get, Mako Mankanshoku will always be there to cheer on her friend…and sometimes herself.

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