“IMBA” Board Game Kickstarter In Its Final Week

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For those of you who don’t know what IMBA is (short for Imbalanced), it is a board game created by Poison Tip Games which is made to be a satire of a popular trend within the video game industry in this day and age; frequent patches and updates. IMBA is an incredibly unique board game with fantastic mechanics that really cannot be compared to others in its field. Their kickstarter goal is $10,000 dollars and they’re are about 40% of the way there at this point in time and they’re on their final week.

Poison Tip Games are doing anything to get IMBA off the ground so they’ve partnered up with Kickstarter campaigners “Broken Telephone” (a fantastic-looking comic book) and “Bedlam” (an great Australian card game), and have also added characters from both of the campaigners into IMBA in a sign of mutual respect and thanks. Head over to the official IMBA Kickstarter page, which you can find here, and donate to this awesome up and coming board game. All donations will be appreciated and with so much being offered to backers, why wouldn’t you lend a hand?

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