Extreme Reality Launches “Dancewall Remix” As A Unique Motion Controlled Windows Game On Steam Greenlight

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Extreme Reality Launches “Dancewall Remix” As A Unique Motion Controlled Windows Game On Steam Greenlight

Game Brings the Motion Experiences Previously Available Only via Consoles and Specialized Hardware to Anyone with a Windows Computer and Webcam


Herzelia, Israel and Brussels, Belgium – December 19, 2013– Extreme Reality, the only company to bring full-body motion analysis and control via a device’s native or peripheral camera, and SoftKinetic®, the world’s leading provider of 3D vision and gesture recognition solutions, today announced that Dancewall Remix, a unique motion controlled game for Windows, has been released on Steam Greenlight for public review and voting.  The game enables players to enjoy the exciting and exhilarating experience of motion controlled gaming, similar to what is currently available by leading consoles and 3D sensors, by using nothing more than a Windows computer and a webcam.

“DanceWall, originally created by SoftKinetic Studios and I feel Smart, has been a huge hit as a multi-player game allowing 3D full body movement to control the game,” said Eric Krzeslo, Founder and CMO of SoftKinetic.  “Extreme Reality successfully adapted the experience for regular webcams on the Windows platform, bringing motion controlled gaming fun to an even broader public.”

DanceWall Remix,is a rhythm and pose matching game controlled by a player’s body movements. Each player of the game can make physical body poses that transform the onscreen avatar to fit through approaching silhouetted shapes and holes on a rapidly approaching wall. Using the standard 2D camera that exists in most computers today, players can control movement of their in game avatar as they aim to reach their goal to earn the highest score by making the best possible fit with these onscreen silhouettes, picking up bonuses, and avoiding obstacles. The physical gameplay is immediately intuitive and does not require any previous experience with video games to quickly enjoy the fun.

DanceWall Remix is divided into three themes, Disco, Classic and Retro. Each theme has a distinct look and style of play based on the music. Retro is an 8Bit inspired synthetic world of Electronic music. Classic is a “Bubblegum-Pop” world where everything is soft and cute, and Disco is thematic of a 70’s nightclub.

Steam Greenlight is a community-driven platform where users vote to determine which new games are to be released on Steam, the world’s largest online gaming platform with 35 million active users in 237 countries.

“DanceWall Remix offers the Steam Greenlight community a unique opportunity to promote a motion controlled game that requires no console or specialized hardware,” said Sarit Firon, CEO of Extreme Reality.  “The freedom of controlling the game without touching a controller creates an engaging experience that is changing the face of gaming today.”

Offered as an SDK, Extreme Reality’s Extreme Motion is the only technology to provide full-body, software-based, motion analysis and control to any computing device or operating system via a standard camera.  It enables developers to easily add motion experiences to existing games or applications, and to create a wide range of new experiences.

Participants on the Steam Greenlight platform can learn more about the game and vote for DanceWall Remix here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=179257235

Developers interested in integrating Extreme Motion control technology into their game or app can visit the Extreme Reality developer zone  www.xtr3d.com/developers

About Extreme Reality

Extreme Reality enables a future where people interact with computing devices by their body motion, without touching anything.  It is the only company to provide full-body, software-based, motion analysis and control to any computing device or operating system via a standard camera.  Offered as a software development kit (SDK) and with 14 patents granted worldwide, the company’s Extreme Motion product enables developers to create a wide range of experiences (applications, games, security solutions and more)  that pioneer Natural User Interfaces (NUI) while  breaking the physical barriers of current hardware-based technologies.  Extreme Reality was founded in 2005 and is based in Herzelia, Israel.

About SoftKinetic

SoftKinetic’s vision is to give everyone the freedom to control, explore and enjoy the entire digital world through the most natural and intuitive user interfaces and machine interactions. SoftKinetic is the leading provider of gesture-based platforms for the consumer electronics and professional markets, including interactive digital entertainment, consumer electronics, health care, digital signage, and medical systems. The company offers a complete family of3D imaging and gesture recognition solutions, including patented 3D CMOS time-of-flight sensors, modules and cameras (DepthSense® family of products, formerly known as Optrima product family), multi-platform and multi-camera 3D gesture recognition middleware and tools (iisu® family of products) as well as games and applications from SoftKinetic Studios.

For more information on SoftKinetic please visit www.softkinetic.com. For videos of SoftKinetic-related products visit SoftKinetic’s YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/SoftKinetic.

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