Dungeon of the Endless Available on Steam Early Access

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Amplitude Studios, the folks behind space strategy game Endless Space, have announced today that their newest title, Dungeon of the Endless, is available via Steam’s Early Access.

Dungeon of the Endless is a rogue-like dungeon-defense game that has been integrated into the studio’s Endless Space universe. It has a retro two-dimensional look using modern 3-D graphics. You’ll equip a team, gather resources and build defenses, and explore dungeons. Each playthrough will be different, as the map is randomly generated, too.


Features of Dungeons of the Endless , several of which will be revealed in multiple stages through Early Access, include:

  • A distinct rogue-like do-or-die play-style that encourages teamwork
  • Countless battle scenarios against a brutal horde of hideous monsters
  • Randomly created dungeons for a new experience each time
  • Team creation, management, customization, and combat abilities
  • Technology and resource management abilities including the skillful handling of Dust, Food, Industry and Science to keep one’s team alive and prepared for battle
  • Module creation to stave off enemy monsters
  • Many exploration paths on the planet of Auriga featuring Endless ruins that provide life-saving technologies

The game comes in two version. The Pixel Pack is available for $12.99/11.99€ and the Founder Pack, which comes with many more goodies, is available for $19.99 – 18.99€.

To check out the via Steam Early Access, you can go here. Also be sure to check out the game’s early access trailer below this article.

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