“Autumn Dynasty Christmas Sales: 40% Price Drop in Blackberry World and Google Play”

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“Autumn Dynasty Christmas Sales: 40% Price Drop in Blackberry World and Google Play”

 Singapore – Dec. 24, 2013 –

RTS developer Touch Dimensions is having a price drop for their game Autumn Dynasty, as part of their Christmas and New Year celebrations. From 25thDecember 2013 to 4th January 2014, Autumn Dynasty will be available at the Blackberry App world and Google Play at the discounted price of USD2.99.

Featured at BlackBerry Jam Europe, the game’s intuitive control scheme seeks to capture the spirit of classical manoeuvre warfare, allowing players precise control over hundreds of soldiers as they attempt to flank their foes or block an enemy advance. Using simple brushstrokes and gestures, players can train units, construct buildings and research stratagems.

View the game in action via the official trailer at <gp_link type=”http” loc=”//y2u.be/DRk_i1N5TUw”>http://y2u.be/DRk_i1N5TUw

Three game modes are available for players to explore: A grand story campaign with unique scripted levels, a free form Skirmish mode against AI opponents, as well as an instant action Blitz mode. Each of these has multiple difficulty levels, with achievements to be earned and competed on Scoreloop for the BlackBerry version.

Autumn Dynasty Features:
– Full Real-Time Strategy experience: train units, construct buildings, research upgrades!
– Convenience: Intuitive gesture controls allows for ease of gameplay
– Grand story campaign: Uncover the secrets of the White Devil Rebellion!
– Unlock unique special abilities: Use them in combination to turn the tide of battle!
– Beautiful, oriental style painted maps: Thousands of soldiers fighting onscreen!

Game Info Page:  <gp_link type=”http” loc=”//www.autumndynasty.com”>http://www.autumndynasty.com
Facebook:  <gp_link type=”http” loc=”//facebook.com/autumndynasty”>http://facebook.com/autumndynasty
Twitter: @autumndynasty
Download BlackBerry:  goo.gl/UJ8Od9
Download Android: goo.gl/8cOcta

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