Witchcraft and Aqua Bless licensed by Project-H Books

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witchcraft-coverJust a quick note, the following news is 18+. Now that that is out of the way Project-H Books has announced that they have picked up two new hentai manga licenses for release in North America. Fans of Yamatogawa will be pleased to hear that they have acquired both Aqua Bless and Witchcraft.

Currently both manga do not have a release date and at the moment Project-H Books does not know whether or not these will be released in the West in their uncensored format. Aqua Bless was one of Yamatogawa’s first hentai collections which features ten short stories while Witchcraft tells the story of a man who becomes a tool for a fortuneteller trying to test out her powers of hypnosis only for things to escalate very quickly.

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