Take On Titans In The Latest Attack On Titan 3DS Game Trailer

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The last trailer that was released for the upcoming 3DS game Attack On Titan: The Last Wings Of Mankind showed us a few of the different stories that we’d be able to play throughout the game and it also came alongside some information regarding a DLC which adds Captain Levi’s story into the mix, well this time the trailer is a little different and the good thing is that it is very action-focused which, let’s just be honest, is what all of us Attack On Titan fans want the most from this game. The trailer intends to seem more cinematic than the last few we’ve gotten and it does a fairly good job, like I mentioned, it focuses on action and the actual taking down of Titans.


It does look as though it is lacking certain things at this stage but with each trailer that’s released it’s looking better and better, speaking of a release there isn’t long until that comes around; Japan is set to get it on the 5th of December while the West has had no talks of a release I can imagine that, with its popularity world-wide, there is still a chance we could be catching a glimpse of it on our shores. Until the release, enjoy the new trailer and head down to our comments section to let us know what you think.

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