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November 12, 2013 – Leading online game developer and publisher, Joymax, today unleashes a massive new update just in time for Thanksgiving celebrations in their longest running MMORPGs, Silkroad Online and Silkroad-R.  From new costumes to timely boosts and even priority log-ins, there’s a little something for players old and new in this exciting update!  Thieves and merchants can both traipse over to the official SRO site for all of the event details at

Introducing the newest Silkroad Online Avatar costume: the Janissary Outfit.  Thought to be extinct, these emissaries were experts in thievery and once conquered the Silkroad, holding it for their exclusive pillaging.  As the bearers of the magical Yatagan, they easily stand out from a crowd; with flexible tactics, their battle prowess is equal to that of existing classes.  The undisputed masters of the strategic “false retreat,” the Janissary Outfit avatar is not to be trifled with.

Feel like wishing upon a star isn’t working lately?  Try a lamp instead!  The elusive Genie’s Lamp is back and on sale to boot.  For each Genie’s Lamp that a player purchases from the cash shop, they will receive a second Lamp absolutely free.  With the relaunch of the Genie’s Lamp, two key items normally found exclusively in the Lamp can now be purchased individually: Premium Gold Time and 4-Week Gold Time.

A 4-Week Gold Time pass gives players numerous benefits, including a 3-hour bonus daily that doubles character & skill experience.  While a ticket is active, players can also acquire and complete Premium PLUS quests – these challenging tasks reward players with additional skill points.  Available for sale now at the low price of 92 silk, these passes are available for characters up to level 90.

Premium Gold Tickets, once a rare and coveted prize from the Genie’s Lamp, are now available for sale!  Holders of a Premium Gold Ticket will get priority log in time, even during the busiest parts of the day.  In addition, they will receive a daily 5-hour increase in character and skill experience, doubling the exp earned during the boost!  Physical and Magical damage and defense for all ticket holders is boosted by 10%, attack and parry is boosted by an additional 10%, and characters will enjoy a bonus 10 stat points in both Str and Int.  While a ticket is active, players can also acquire and complete Premium PLUS quests.  Need better equipment?  Holding a Premium Gold Ticket boosts enchanting by 5% and enhancing by 10%, giving you an extra chance to create the perfect piece of armor or the deadliest weapon.  Players can grab these tickets for a limited time for 290 silk.

Fans can find everything and anything about Silkroad and Silkroad-R on their official Facebook pages which have nearly 390,000 likes from all over the world.  Join the conversation now at and

Players can learn more about the game and download it for free at


About Silkroad Online
Silkroad Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that puts the player deep into historical fantasy, joining the Chinese and European civilizations along the Silk Road trade route. Traveling across Jangan, from China to Constantinople, players can make their fortunes as merchants, prey on the rich as thieves, or be protection-for-hire as hunters.

About Joymax
Since its establishment in April, 1997, Joymax has been developing and publishing quality games for the emerging online game industry of the 21st century. Based in Seoul, Korea, the company has published numerous titles for the PC market.  With its first MMORPG, Silkroad Online, the game has grown to offer service in over 200 countries since its 2004 launch. Joymax is a proven global entertainment company, providing multimedia content for all. For more information, please visit

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