See the Horrors of The Forest in New Trailer

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Never have I simultaneously wanted to get lost in the forest, and be petrified of it at the same time. But that’s exactly how this new trailer for open world horror survival title The Forest makes me feel. Indie developer Endnight Games (formerly SKS Games) have been hard at work developing the PC game – and its Oculus Rift integration – with hopes to release the alpha by year’s end.

In The Forest, players can explore a living, breathing world with rolling tides, plants that live and die, changing weather patterns, a day and night cycle, underground caverns, lakes and more. During the day, it is wise to scavenge, build shelter, lay traps and do whatever else may prepare you for the mutant onslaught of the night. Crude weapons can be constructed from raw materials such as sticks and stones and seeds can be planted in order to grow food. Check out the gameplay reveal trailer from back in May directly below. And at the very bottom of the article we have embedded the brand new trailer.

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