PS4 Finds Perfect Partner with PS Vita

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Sony has released a new trailer today showing off a bit more of the features that PlayStation fans can enjoy when using the PS4 and PS Vita together.¬†Calling the two systems “Perfect Partners”, the video goes over just how much PS4 owners with a PS Vita can do from the handheld. Keeping up with friends with voice chat and checking out PS4 trophies, in addition to playing the console’s games remotely the duo offers something only they can do the other consoles this generation can’t.

Certainly providing a unique experience, it works out well for those already having a PS Vita when they picked up a PS4. Whether already having both or just having one or the other be sure to check out the trailer embedded below to see what they can do together. Don’t forget that PlayStation Plus works across both the PS Vita and PS4, as well as the PS3.

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