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Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru
Episode 6 ① Tiger,Tiger,Tiger ② Pig,Pig,Pig

Recently, I’ve discovered that I have 3 natural states when I’m watching anime: Laughing, crying, and staring blankly at the screen until my retinas burn out. Well…  There is a hidden 4th hidden state, but I try to keep that locked away as much as possible. That is, until this week’s episode of Noucome inspired it to erupt forth from my innermost sanctums like some sort of cute-girl-loving chestburster. Of course, I am referring to when a 20 year old man is uncontrollably mashing his face into his pillow, blurting, “AWWWWWWW! OH MY GOD, HOW ARE YOU SO CUTE?!?” What can I say? Yukihira brings out the worst in me. Especially in the latter half of this episode where she was centre stage, stalking her favourite, cute children’s character and going completely against her feigned harsh personality. But I will hold my fanboying for later in the review.


The first half of the episode was squarely focused on Kanade trying to cross as many of the girls off of his god-given list as possible by getting them to say “I like you.” First of all, we revisited the always adorable Konagi and despite Kanade thinking she was going to be the easiest target, she ended up being a mountain to climb compared to the others. Whether he was getting beaten up or violated by her bodyguards (especially that last guy!) Kanade had one hell of a time, but eventually he managed to get her to say it and suddenly acquired another prime candidate for the inevitable harem. In the next scene though I was disappointed with Noucome for resorting to being quite as lewd as it was because to be honest it didn’t need to be. Certainly, Noucome’s plot isn’t masterfully crafted, but its humour is actually quite intelligent and well received, so why it needed to include a huge, faked breasted girl’s bra bursting off of her body like an eagle taking flight is beyond me. Blu-Ray sales I would imagine are the culprit, especially considering some of the later scenes where Yukihira’s body is covered only by a thin veil of steam which have a tendency to be blown away when rendered on Blu-Ray, but all in all I felt it was unnecessary and devalued the anime.



While these scenes were entertaining, I couldn’t help, but feel that the story was rushed through at an alarming rate which unfortunately will happen a lot considering this adaptation is only going to be 10 episodes long. This saddens me because as far as trashy romcoms go, this has been a pretty good one so far. Not to mention, Yukihira’s true feelings are still a mystery to Kanade because at the end of this episode he got his memory wiped! It seems like a main theme of this series is Yukihira growing as a person and learning to be strong enough to confess her feelings while not being afraid of Kanade not accepting her as she is. In all honesty, every other girl’s involvement in Noucome just seems to be for comedic purposes and to keep the plot moving. Yukihira is the only one that actually has real feelings for Kanade that pre-date the start of  the series and it has been really sweet seeing her come to terms with herself.


And now for the fanboying! Dear lord was Yukihira cute in the latter half of the episode… When she was following White Piggy around while trying to not be seen she looked like a little skittish rabbit, running away whenever it came near her. Call me a sucker for a white haired girl with a secret love for cute things, but I think I have found a new girl to add to my ‘Favourite Anime Girls of All Time’ list. If she had known that Kanade was in the suit she would have exploded with embarrassment on the spot and so Kanade made the ultimate sacrifice and had to delete his ‘The Path to Being a Philosopher’ folder so that she wouldn’t find out. These little, clever, self-torturous choices that Absolute Choice forces Kanade into are easily my favourite part of the show. I originally thought they’d be gimmicky, but they are really well done and remind me of the sort of self-torture that made me love Watamote and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei so much. Maybe it’s just my cynical English side shining through, but I always enjoy a bit of dark humour.


What confuses me is how we are STILL not at the competition introduced in episode 4! I would imagine we must be getting to it soon. However, next episode does look like it will be entirely dedicated to the conquest of the school council president, Saira, so we won’t be seeing any action until that is resolved at the very least. The series seems set to end at the conclusion of the competition between the reject 5 and the 5 most popular kids in school, but will Kanade’s team be victorious? More importantly, will Yukihira be able to confess her feelings by then? I don’t know, but I am excited to find out.

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