Microsoft Release Internet Explorer Anime

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Now here is something I don’t think any of us expected, Microsoft Singapore have made a short anime video with a character that is the anime personification of internet explorer.

The video is only two minutes and ten seconds long and was made to celebrate the 2013 Anime Festival Asia. The video starts with the heroine, Inori Aizawa, running away from robots who are trying to capture her; once they surrounded her she goes through a Mahou Shojo transformation and obliterates them. The short clip does contain elements that are similar to other anime shows; Evangelion, Sailor Moon and even a hint of KyoAni (at 0.40 seconds) come to mind.

If you want to know more about Inori Aizawa then you can also check out her Facebook page, no really they actually made one for her.  A recent comment made by Aizawa states that she used to be slow and clumsy, but has matured over the years and wants you to try her out (her being the latest Internet Explorer that is).


Although it may not be the most popular web browser, Internet Explorer has managed to capture the attention of many people with this well put together video. Aizawa may just convince a few people to upgrade or even switch browsers; they may even show up as villains in future videos.

You can check out the video below, Tell us what you think about the video, and if you find any other anime references, by leaving a comment down below or here on YouTube.


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