Madman Stops Its Streaming Of Kill La Kill

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This unfortunate news came about on Friday when Madman Entertainment, one of Australia’s largest Anime distribution companies, announced that they will be ceasing their ongoing stream of this seasons’ big action series Kill La Kill. The high-octane, battle Anime produced by Studio Trigger has been running for just over a month at this point in time and, unfortunately, there was a problem with it’s service hosted by Madman that lead to the end of the streaming through the company. According to Madman, unfortunately the site servers were accessed before the actual broadcast of a particular episode in Japan, the footage of the episode was then distributed around the internet illegally.

It’s such a terrible thing to have happened to the company and, for the most part, people are hoping they can bounce back from this, I guess it just goes to show that there’s no such thing as being “too secure”, this kind of thing has happened before and it will happen again but it is still an occurrence that isn’t exactly welcome. Hopefully, like a lot of other companies, Madman will bounce back faster than you can say “Mako Mankanshoku”.

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