FUNimation to start releasing Dragon Ball Z Blu-rays again

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A few years ago FUNimation began releasing the original version of Dragon Ball Z on Blu-ray but shortly after beginning the project, they stopped production thanks to technical issues that involved the restoration of the original anime and upgrade to Blu-ray.

Well it seems that they are now going to restart the Blu-ray release of Dragon Ball Z and they will begin starting from the beginning with season one. This first season will be available on December 31st, sell for $55.98 and will include episodes 1-39. To commemorate the relaunch of the Blu-ray releases the company has released a trailer showing the improvements in this version of Dragon Ball Z and that trailer can be found below.

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  • Jahanzeb

    And Toriyama goes laughing to the bank

    *haters gonna hate

  • Robert

    Isn’t this an Australian site? Please make sure that links work here.

    • CC is a world wide site. We have editors and writers from all over the world, this news is mainy focused to the US readers. what links are you referring to? ~MA

      • koga88

        FUNimation has a habit of region locking their YouTube videos so there is a chance that the video is not available in his region.

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