Evangelion Movie Marathon To Be Held In Ireland

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North American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand anime fans have all seen the third Neon Genesis Evangelion movie on the big screen, and now Irish fans can look forward to their premier of Eva 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo at the end of this month.

The Japanese Film Festival Ireland posted details about the premier on their Facebook page earlier today; they have made the 30th of November “Evangelion Day” and will marathon all three movies from the Eva re-boot.  The movie screenings, in association with Scotland Loves Anime, will begin at midday at the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield Dublin. “Evangelion Day” will naturally start with You Are (Not) Alone, followed by You Can (Not) Advance at 2 pm and finishing with the premier of 3.0 at 4 .m.

Tickets can be purchased for each film individually, or you can get a pass to see all three movies for €19.50 at the Light House Cinema Box Office. All movies will be screened in Japanese with English subtitles, check out the cinemas website for more information.

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