Dementium II HD Faces Horrors in Trailer

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William Redmoor just can’t seem to catch a break, but those wanting to re-experience or experience Renegade Kid’s Dementium II for the first time wont have to wait too long now that the HD version is available for preorder. Set for release in December for PC, with plans to reach Mac in January in time for DLC, Dementium II HD is looking to reach a bigger audience than its original DS release thanks to the re-emergence of the Horror genre in indie games.

Players will have plenty of monsters to face off against from Chest Maws, to the Wendigo Witch, and much more while trying to navigate the asylum. Those wanting to see what Dementium II HD has to offer can find out in the action trailer that publisher Digital Tribe Games and the HD port developer Memetic Games have just released embedded below.

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