1979 Revolution Kickstarter Campaign Launches

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Veteran game designed Navid Khonsari is bringing history to life. After working on hit games like Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Revolver, Alan Wake and Manhunt, Khonsari has started on a new project, in hopes of creating an action adventure title based on the 1979 Iranian revolution. The game seeks to both entertain and educate gamers on an important event in modern history. The team includes an impressive array of advisers, collaborators, and talent, including photojournalist Michel Setboun who spent two years covering the revolution and anonymous Iranian team members whose identities must remain hidden for fear of reprisals.

iNK Stories is seeking $395,000 USD at their Kickstarter campaign to bring this game to iOS. The money will be poured into development with hope of a May 2014 release.

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