The Lame Game Marathon 3 Begins Tomorrow!

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It’s for a good cause

Beginning at 10am (ADST) on Saturday the 26th of October, Aussie Gamers Dan, Mark and Dukey will begin on another 24 hour quest through some the worst games ever made while putting their abject suffering on display for the world to see. With the goal of raising money for UNICEF,  Everyone is welcome to tune in and make a donation, plus be entertained as their fatigue and frustration is streamed for your amusement.

Covering a wide scope of Lame Gaming history from 1990 through to 2013, the guys at the LGM3 have picked some of the most notorious games as well as some of the most obscure. Rest assured though, they are all hilariously and tragically bad in their own right. The line-up of shame includes:

  • Fast and Furious: Showdown (PC)
  • Night Tap (Sega CD)
  • King of Crusher (PS1)
  • Aquaman (Gamecube)
  • Daikatana (PC)
  • Ride to Hell: Retribution (PC)
  • Navy SEALs: WMD’s (PC)
  • Virtual Hydlide (Sega Saturn)
  • Cho Aniki (PS1)
  • Dragon’s Lair NES (NES)
  • Police Force (PC)
  • Michigan: Report from Hell (PS2)
  • Zelda CDi: Faces of Evil (CDi)
  • Wild Woody (SegaCD)
  • Agricultural Simulator 2011 (PC)

Outside of the official line up, you can expect to see a few extra bonus games to make an appearance throughout the marathon, such as EA’s recently disowned 2D fighter, Shaq Fu, and the slow and sluggish Sonic-themed racer, Sonic-R.

We understand that these games are seriously bad, and anybody who has had to play these games at any point has clearly been wronged by fate in the worst possible way. Still, the LGM3 team understand that these games just didn’t materialise out of thin air, they were made by people. Real people, just like you and me. People who enjoy games. People who loved games enough to base an entire career around making them. In fact, it’s a fair assumption to say that these people probably had no intention of making a bad game at all when they first put pen to paper, so with that in mind, the Lame Game Marathon team has prepared a very special message, just for these developers, just to show that we understand.

Thanks to some incredibly generous supporters, there will be a load of amazing prizes to be given away throughout the Lame Game Marathon 3. All you have to do is tune in to the festivities and find out how to win. The prizes include:

  • Turtle Beach Ear Force Wireless Headsets thanks to Tiltify
  • copies of Battlefield 4 thanks to EA Australia
  • collectors editions of Hitman Absolution and Tomb Raider thanks to Namco Bandai
  • copies of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, Trine 2, Project Zomboid, Gratuitous Space Battles and Escape Goat from
  • and many more awesome prizes!

After having raised a total of $7,300 last year, the LGM3 team is hoping to smash their previous total in order to help UNICEF fund the fantastic work they do for children across the world.  UNICEF’s efforts help to improve the rights and welfare of underprivileged children in over 191 countries by providing health services, education, vaccinations and access to clean water; as well as providing much needed emergency response in times of crisis. UNICEF work to improve the lives of children who have never known the privileges most of us have taken for granted whilst growing up, so the LGM team wants to do what they can to support such a good cause.

So tune in 10am sharp and watch 3 poor souls force their way through a trial of mediocrity as they do their darndest to raise money for a good cause. For more information, visit the official site and Facebook page. Check out the screenshots below for a taste of the games to come and, if you feel in the giving mood, donations can be made here. Why play these games yourself when you can get someone else to do it?

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