Skylanders: Swap Force is Here!

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It’s October, and that means it is time for the latest iteration of Activision‘s world-beloved toy collecting game franchise: Skylanders. Skylanders: Swap Force is out now for all consoles, and introduces new toys, new mechanics and a whole new story for kids and kids-at-heart everywhere to enjoy.

Building on the formula that the previous games: Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, and Skylanders: Giants have established, Swap Force has you purchasing real-world figurines and placing them on your Portal of Power, which will transfer your colourful characters into the game world. Each character in Skylanders is has a unique personality and abilities to get you through the game.


Where this new game differs from its predecessors is the new Swap Force characters. There are now 16 new characters that each come in two pieces, allowing you to mix and match torsos and legs to create brand new characters of your own (as well as combining their powers). With these 16 figures alone, you have access to over 250 new combinations. In addition, there will be 16 new Skylanders characters being added to the game, and an addition 8 LightCore characters (LightCore figures light up when placed on the Portal of Power). These 40 new figures will join the roster of 100+ characters that are already available for an impressive array of must-have characters.

Skylanders Swap Force is out now on all the major consoles, including the original Nintendo Wii and 3DS (with the 3DS version being slightly different to the consoles). The game will come with everything you need to get started on your Skylanders adventure, so head down and grab your copy today, because this one is sure to sell out before Christmas. We will have a review of the game coming in the following days, so for all the Skylanders news as it becomes available, be sure to stay tuned to Capsule Computers.

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