Pokemon X/Y Shipment Delays Caused By Government Shutdown

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Are we all enjoying Pokemon X and Y? I know I am but there are some people around the world who, unfortunately, haven’t been. The United States Government Shutdown has caused a fair bit of problems throughout the country but nothing more devastating than the delay of Pokemon X and Y 3DS game shipments. Obviously I’m only joking but the fact that this is, almost only, effecting military families is actually saddening in ways. Families stationed at United States Military Bases around the world are still waiting on their copies of the game, not only the children of those families but some adults too. It is unfortunate considering the situation they’re in.



Being one of the people, in Australia, to have bought the game at opening time on the day of it’s release and seeing the lines and excitement for the game I can’t help but feel, somewhat, sorry for those who have to miss out on it, not to mention the fact that these people and/or their family members are serving a country in the military. Hopefully all the Poke-fans that are out on tour can get their hands on a copy soon enough but, as of right now, there has been no information on whether or not the games will actually be shipped out once the Governments shutdown is over. Hopefully the men, women and childeren who are still waiting can find away to purchase the game, possibly over the eShop, and join the worldwide adventure soon!

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