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As with all Pokemon games, there are differences between versions in Pokemon X and Y. While there are some situational differences between the two 3DS games, there is a number of Pokemon exclusive to each version. The following is a list of Pokemon exclusive to each game:

Pokemon X Exclusives:

  • Staryu
  • Starmie
  • Pinsir
  • Houndour
  • Houndoom
  • Poochyena
  • Mightyena
  • Aron
  • Lairon
  • Swirlix
  • Slurpuff
  • Clauncher
  • Clawitzer
  • Xerneas
  • Mega Charizard X
  • Mega Mewtwo X

Pokemon Y Exclusives:

  • Shellder
  • Cloyster
  • Heracross
  • Larvitar
  • Pupitar
  • Tyranitar
  • Eletrike
  • Manetric
  • Purrloin
  • Liepard
  • Throh
  • Spritzee
  • Aromatisse
  • Skrelp
  • Dragalge
  • Yveltal
  • Mega Charizard Y
  • Mega Mewtwo Y

Interestingly enough, it appears that in terms of exclusives Pokemon Y has Pokemon X beat. Pokemon Y features a total of 18 exclusives whereas Pokemon X only features a total of 16 exclusives. Take that as you will Pokefans. If you have yet to jump on the Pokemon bandwagon, perhaps the exclusives list above will help you make up your mind.

To see what we think of Pokemon X you can check out our in-depth review of it here. Be sure to let us know what you think of Pokemon X and Y in the comments section below.

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