Pokemon X and Y Bug Patch Coming Soon

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- Pokemon X and Pokemon Y -

– Pokemon X and Pokemon Y –

After the news that spread around late last week regarding the saving issues in Pokemon X and Y’s Lumiose City, Nintendo has officially recognised the problem and has followed up the recognition with an official map of Lumiose City labelling where you should NOT save as well as stating that them, alongside Game Freak, are working on an patch/update that will fix that issue as well as a few other issues within the game, luckily these other issues are minor and, well, pretty cool actually. I recently posted, within another article, the map of Lumiose City and where NOT to save, that image was in Japanese so I’ve placed the English image just below for you to reference while in-game.

- Lumios City Map -

– Lumios City Map –

Problems like the “Wondertrade Glitch” where in which a Pokemon that evolves and/or learns a new move from the Wondertrade option then looses it’s evolution and newly-learned move is another of the problems that is to be fixed in the update. Other glitches/bugs, like I just mentioned, do NOT break the game in any way so don’t stress too much about them if you’re not aware of them. These glitches, though, are actually very reminiscent of the original Red/Blue/Yellow games because, while they may be nuisance to some, a lot of people actually like them. I’m talking about the “Albino Pokemon” glitch which, in some cases, Pokemon are seen in the wild without any colour rendering them completely black and white as if they just came out of an old-school copying machine.

- Some examples of "Albino" Pokemon -

– Some examples of “Albino” Pokemon –

Fans seems to think this kind of thing is fairly cool and it definitely reminds me of the glitches in the original games. Even smaller ones like the “Glitchleo” stories where players have seen the Pokemon Litleo in the wild that just so happens to have it’s brown fur coat replaced with what looks like a similar, if not updated, pattern that we’ve previously seen on “Missingo”. They’re all very interesting and seeing as only one of these glitches is game-breaking, the others being overridden once the game is reset, they’re not too big of a deal to stress over. Nintendo has said to be releasing a patch into the eShop but they haven’t gotten specific about a time frame or what not so we’ll just have to be careful and hope for the best until it is releases. When it is released I guarantee you can see it here on the site as soon as we catch wind of it so keep an eye out.

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