PAX Aus 2014 Dates and Location Already Set

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It looks like Penny Arcade hasn’t wasted anytime in prepping for the next convention set for Down Under seeing as it wrapped back in July. However, those expecting a repeat of this year’s set up will be quite surprised and also several months off. That’s right, PAX Aus 2014 wont be in July next year, but will be taking place a few months later.

Scheduled for October 31st-November 2nd, PAX Aus 2014 will also not be taking place in the same location. It will still be in Melbourne, but will be moving to a larger convention center with the reservation of the¬†Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. This means that fans can expect more room and hopefully more attendance with the higher capacity, which should prove very useful as this year’s PAX Aus sold out months beforehand.

Those excited for PAX Aus 2014 should be pretty glad for the news and it will be interesting to see what more news will come out as the months go on. More information can also of course be found from the PAX Aus website.

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