Garfield Kart Power-Up Bonuses Revealed

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Eat and sleep…and race

Microïds have announced some more details for their upcoming title Garfield Kart. As the name suggests, it will be a racing game featuring everybody’s favourite lazy, Monday hating cat: Garfield.

Being a themed kart racer, the game will include a number of power-ups to aid you in your race to first place. These Garfield-centric objects will provide you with a number of abilities, such as a speed boost, immunity to damage, teleportation, and even a sticky bomb. It’s up to you to use them wisely and keep your guard up for some nasty reciprocation.


Choose your weapon

Garfield Kart will be available on iOS and Android from November 7th, with a PC and Mac version to follow soon after. Players will be able to compete against each other from around the world, so look out for some serious competition. Check out the screenshots below for a closer look at the competition, as well as a glimpse of the courses. I hate Monday races…

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