Gaijin Games Releases BIT.TRIP RUN! For iOS On Halloween

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Happy Halloween, everybody! As a little present to you, the team over at Gaijin Games has decided that they will be releasing their game BIT.TRIP RUN for all iOS devices today! BIT.TRIP RUN is the iOS version of the fantastic “endless-runner” game Bit.Trip Runner 2. It features the same art style and sense of humour as well as the way it is played but it’s not just a simple port onto Smartphones, no, it has been tweaked and changed to be a perfect fit on any Apple Smartphone or Tablet so you can play this awesome game on the go whilst also feeling comfortable. If you look closely you may also be able to spot a spooky creature that’s going to be hanging around for Halloween!


 BIT.TRIP RUN will be sporting updated features like 3 new worlds, 30 levels, more than 12 brand-new challenges and 15 retro challenges, 40 unlock-able costumes and 3 action-packed boss battles. There are also plans for an update to the game which will include features like: 2 more worlds, 20 more levels, 8 more challenges, 10 more retro levels and an extra 2 boss battles. There’s plenty for you to do in this game that will keep you occupied for hours and hours on end. The game is out now and will retail for $3.99 so head over to the iTunes App Store now to grab your copy!

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