Final Exam More than Doubles the Fun in Co-op Trailer

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Final Exam has seen a little bit of change with the new title, but it still has the same principles of gameplay one of which has always been to make sure that 4 players will be able to get together and fight the monstrosities side by side. Finally, just in time for Halloween, today is the day Focus Home Interactive and Mighty Rocket Studios show off the co-op gameplay in a new trailer.

The trailer shows off quite a few different places with the friends all making a mess out of the monsters, as well as showing off how the players can split up as well. Final Exam looks to be a splatter fest, especially with up to four players working together to make mincemeat and giblets.

Final Exam is set to release in early November for XBLA, PSN, and PC; however PC gamers can already pre-order on Steam to get exclusive early access to the first chapter of the game to play by themselves or with friends, even offering a 4 pack of the game for the price of 3. By sure to check out the Co-op Trailer embedded below.

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