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UPDATE: We reached out to EB Games for a comment on the situation, and a representative of the organisation had this to say:

Regarding the early arrival, we work very closely with Australia Post to deliver on release day when possible, which is exactly what you would expect. Part of this usually involves sending out the games in such a way that they arrive around the country in line with the expected release. Sadly, in this case, the usual expected delivery time for Brisbane to Bundaberg (4 days) has for some reason only taken 2.

To clarify, this has not been classed as a ‘Street Date Break’. With all possible Street Date Breaks, the vendor (in this case Nintendo) is notified of customers purchasing or receiving copies early, and if the vendor decides it is appropriate, they will then inform all retailers they can begin selling early. Nintendo have decided that the release date on 12/10/2013 still stands.

Keep in mind, the decision to break street date is totally out of our control. All we can do is report early sales (whether they are our own or other retailers) and keep the vendor informed.

We do understand that this has disappointed some of our customers who are anticipating the release of the game, and we sincerely apologise for that.

Unfortunately, errors like this will happen from time to time. The only other option is to delay the postage of all games until after their release dates, which I am sure is a more unattractive option for most of our customers.

Original article as follows:

Pokemon X and Y for the Nintendo 3DS are without a doubt some of the most highly anticipated games of 2013, as well as the most highly anticipated games for the 3DS console, and as such players all over the world have been dying for the game to be released early so they could get their hands on it.

After the leaks in Canada and Italy last week, everyone’s hopes for a leak here in Australia were heightened, and it seems like the largest distributor of video games in the country; EB Games, has accidentally sent out a few copies of the games to those who had ordered online. At least one user posted a photo of their copy of Pokemon X, as well as their receipt from EB Games to the company’s official Facebook page.

The typical procedure for a game’s street date being broken is that confirmation of sale is provided to the company (typically in the form of a receipt), which is then sent to EB Games head office and then onto the vendor for confirmation of they can sell the game early. The store or organisation that sold the game early is usually fined and oftentimes unable to sell products from that particular vendor for a period of time.


Yep. That’s Pokemon X alright


In this instance, EB Games are vehemently denying any wrong doing, and claiming that the game was shipped early because of the Australia Post’s estimated delivery was more than the actual delivery. As you could imagine, this has caused a massive outcry from fans and customers who believe they should be able to purchase their game early. EB Games customer service have been working all hours fielding questions, comments and complaints on their Facebook and Twitter pages while stating that their actions don’t constitute a street date break, or selling the game early. The Twitter page also goes so far as to say that there are no intentions of contacting Nintendo on the matter.

I’m not going to get into personal opinions here in the article, but we’d love to hear your thoughts on this hot button issue in the comments below. Pokemon X and Y are set to launch this Saturday on Nintendo 3DS, so be sure to stay tuned to Capsule Computers for all the Pokemon news as it becomes available.

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  • Matt

    i can understand why eb games sent the games out early, since the game comes out a weekend they want to make sure the game gets to the person so they can play it on sat and not have to wait all weekend. really people need to stop acting like a 2 year olds and live with it

  • Guy

    Australia Post ships them. Had nothing to do with EB.

    • Matt

      dam right but people are so pissed that other people get to play the game early that anger is overtaking there sense of mind to understand that

    • Necro

      There is a section though when doing deliveries to put down any special instructions. “Not to be delivered prior to 12/10/13” is really hard to put in. most people opting for delivery didn’t expect it until Monday anyway.

      Crisis averted, no torch and pitchfork.

    • Australia post owns and has the games too? NO… EB have them and flipped the switch on when they are meant to be sent. So blaming AU post for this is totally wrong! ~MA

  • thecrows2332


  • lokipans

    Oh a childish game for childish people.

    • Pokefan

      Pokemon might look like a child’s game with it’s cute animals and stuff, but the satisfaction of laying the smack-down on somebody else’s team says otherwise.

      But seriously it’s not for kids.

      • well said. couldnt agree with you more on that ~MA

    • Fred

      You mean the battling game with a deep and complex system of match ups and hidden technical abilities. Have you seen the competitions they have with this game with skilled players going against each other?
      Go back to COD little boy.

      • lol couldn’t of said it any better myself …. go back COD! lol well done! ~MA

  • SamHewitt

    Over here in the UK, most websites tend to send games two or three business days before release, so the game is pretty much guaranteed to be in your hands on the game’s release date. This tends to lead to people getting their game a day or two early. I know quite a few people that have received their copy of Pokemon either yesterday or today.

    If I remember correctly, I am sure I received my Wii a day early as well.

    • True but Press / Media is a little different compared to regular consumers. ~MA

  • heywes

    EBGames stuffed up. Admit it like a man. They know shipping times are estimates. They have shipped many many products before. Saying they didn’t think it would get there early is pathetic.

    • Well said my point exactly, in the end the game should of been shipped on actual release day. So if its weekend, then so be it, people ordering online should know and take that into consideration that their orders will always be late to accommodate for postal services. ~MA

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