Drakengard 3’s weapons introduced in latest screens

Square Enix Playstation 3 News Action

Drakengard-3-weapons- (12)

When Drakengard 3 is released there will be a number of weapon that Zero can use to take down the numerous enemies that will stand in her path and these weapons can be switched between while the player is actually in battle. The four weapons are somewhat standard, with a sword being the most balanced weapon with launching attacks, flowing combos and plenty of shed blood to make it easier to activate Zero’s special abilities.

To accompany this weapon there is a spear which, while more damaging with a longer reach it is slower, fist weaponry which has short range but is quick and easy to chain combo attacks and finally a chakram weapon which will allow players to clear out crowds with low damage but extensive reach. From the looks of these screens, the chakrams look like they will be my weapon of choice. Currently Drakengard 3 is set to be released in the West by Square Enix sometime in 2014.

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