One Piece Unlimited World Red – Original Characters Revealed

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It was just announced that the One Piece Unlimited World Red 3DS game will feature two original characters strictly designed for the games story, now while we saw one of the characters briefly during one of the game’s trailers we never really got a good view of it, well now we have a few. To me the most “stand out” piece of information is that, unlike a lot of Anime games, series creator Eiichiro Oda has designed these two characters himself to directly fit into the game’s main plot, that gives me faith in these characters and their abilities to, hopefully, impress audiences. So far we don’t know anything much about these characters, they may be friends or foes, one thing we know for sure is that they are key to the game’s story.  Here’s the official page from the magazine showing off the new characters:


Shown in the top right corner is character by the name of Red, whom may or may not be the reason why the game is titled “Unlimited World Red“, we don’t know anything about this character as of yet, the only thing we do know is his voice actor which will be none other than Masachike Ichimura who is famous for voicing Mewtwo in Pokemon: The First Movie as well as Red XIII from the movie Final Fantasy Advent Children. The next is Pat, he’s the raccoon who’s fairly hard to miss. He gives off a fairly “Chopper” vibe but, once again, we don’t know anything about him apart form his voice actress who happens to be TARAKO (Chibi Maruko-chan). The next original character is a girl named Yadoya who you can see is pictured just above Luffy on the page. She will be voiced by Rumi Hiiragi who is most famous for her role as Chihiro in Spirited Away. The game is set to ship around Japan on November the 21st of this year.


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